Laying the foundations for Retail 3.0

When we launched Nuwa Capital, a key part of our thinking was to invest in companies building the next generation of retail where the online and offline experiences are seamlessly integrated and private label/own brands drive growth and differentiation. Eyewa, one of our first investments, best exemplifies our thinking. 

Eyewa’s mission is to digitize, and modernize, the eyewear retail experience, a segment which has not evolved in decades. Very few players, if any, had addressed the online market, and the existing offline customer experience was rapidly losing touch with the expectations of today’s consumer.

We’ve just made a follow on investment in eyewa as part of their Series B. The company has continuously grown and met, if not surpassed, their targets and has launched an offline store in Saudi Arabia, a first in the region. 

Entrepreneurship takes grit, courage and a special kind of irreproachable drive. It is an especially challenging feat for founders to take on traditional players who have dominated categories for decades, if not more. Eyewa founders Anass and Mehdi, along with their team, have built a company that is laying the foundation for Retail 3.0.

The story of eyewa is a lesson on passion for Building and incredible execution.

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Khaled Talhouni is managing partner at Nuwa Capital.

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