Health and wellness are about to become much more consumer-centric

Sundeep Sahni and Nadin Karadag are part of a new generation of founders who have significant depth in their field, a stellar track record, and unparalleled drive and ambition. 

Sundeep is a third-time entrepreneur, having previously cofounded two businesses, both of which were acquired by Alibaba, Lazada. Nadin brings years of  experience on the capital side through Growthgate Partners, and had also had a number of operational roles prior to that at large corporations.

The cofounders conceived Valeo, a personalized health and wellness platform during the pandemic and have just launched. Valeo’s mission is to democratize access to health and wellness, by offering services which had historically been reserved to athletes, or the affluent, through an innovative business model.

The healthcare industry has largely remained traditional and been slow to digitize. The space is dominated by a few sizable players, and innovation has only taken place in subsectors that are few and far between. In the interim, , the end-consumer seems to have gotten the short end of the stick.

We’ve recently invested in Valeo’s Seed round. An early stage investment for us at Nuwa Capital, and one that is deeply rooted in our conviction in backing exceptional founders, especially ones who’ve previously built and scaled innovative businesses

Valeo has zeroed in on a massive market that is still untapped, at a time where consumers are looking for more than blanket approaches to health. By placing control over the consumers’ health back into their hands, the company is poised to reshape how we think of health and wellness in MENA.

Sundeep and Nadin are exactly the type of founders we are looking to back and co-author the region’s next success stories with. 

*Valeo is offering 15% discount off on its services – make sure to download the app and use promo code: “FeelYourBest”

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