Going against the grain: are valuations defying gravity? [Webinar]

Over the course of the past few months, company valuations have been making their way into any and all conversations around venture. Prior to COVID-19, the valuation trend line had been consistently going up, with new investor profiles eyeing the asset class and a subsequently decreased cost of capital for startups. 

The pandemic, however, has hit both investors and founders in places where it hurts as sources of capital contract and the rate of deployment slows. The remaining active investors will now have even higher expectations on underlying performance of prospective investments.

This Wednesday, July 15 at 5 PM GMT+4, Nuwa Capital’s Sarah Abu Risheh will be hosting Amjad Ahmad, managing partner at Precinct Partners, and Patrick Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Clara, for a discussion on the specific mechanisms of company valuations, high or low, and how they reflect on a business as well as their impact on future rounds. 

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.

Make sure to register, and we’ll send you a link to join.

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